2021 Acura TLX. Last attempt to make driver’s car?

Everybody knows that previous Acura TLX was a more luxury version of ordinary Honda Accord. Yes, TLX looks different than Accord. TLX has mode luxury interior. Maybe a little more responsive handling, but it’s still Accord. As it is.

But TLX of second generation is a different car. In some meaning brand new Acura TLX is a Japanese Kia Stinger. So we can say that this is the last attempt to build a car that will be of interest to drivers and enthusiasts.

And when I say “the last attempt” I mean it literally. Because next generation of cars, that will arrive closer to 2030, will be at least plug-in hybrids. Or fully electric. So, 2021 Acura TLX is a the end of driver’s cars as we knew them.

Yes, new electric vehicles will be else faster. Maybe they even can become even comfortable for trips, as cars with ICE. But they will not give such feelings as present and previous cars. But, let’s back to our Acura TLX.

Brand new TLX has angry styling, but front end with its grill and LED headlights looks close to other Acuras. Rear quart looks really muscle. Car has not the best design ever, but looks great and not so futuristic as some other new cars. But what’s inside?

If we will talk about interior, you may remember that you will get more luxury interior with more qualitative materials, but in the same moment you will not have more technologies than in some more cheap Honda.

At this moment 2gen Acura TLX is a fresh car, so there are no serious tuning project. All possible modifications now are wheels, splitters, skirts and else some trim. But don’t thank, that it’s almost nothing. Bigger forged wheels can make exterior much more cool. Wheels is one of main positions in every tuning project. Somebody begins from replacing wheels. Somebody finishing all modifications by new wheels. But some owners change wheels a few times before they find needed.