Acura TLX. Popular, but not in tuning.

Acura TLX is popular car. Not cheap and not so expensive. Thousands such cars are in lease, that’s why you can see TLX every day. But there are not so many people who wants buy TLX and modify.

As maximum people buy else one set oft more cool wheels for their leased TLX. No lowering, no more deep modifying and customizing.

But let’s be honest. What do we want from FWD based on Honda Accord. 3.5 liter engine already has even more than maximum sensible power for FWD cars. It’s not AWD or RWD. So all we can modify in mechanic is suspension.

So all we can modify are wheels, suspension, interior. And maybe else we can add some body kit or elements for exterior.

Here we see a little lowered TLX on huge wheels from Vossen. Not many, but enough to guess this TLX a little modified.