Audi SQ7. German view into big SUV

Af first i may to say – it is not simple Audi Q7. And it is not simple SQ7. Because this SQ7 was tuned by ABT. If you don`t know – it`s like Brabus for Mercedes. It’s even more cool than AMG.

Yes, this german SUV is else faster. But ABT it`s not all. Else a huge and cool forged wheels from Vossen. And this really big and weight car looks really more sport.

But SQ7, ABT and Vossen – even that`s not all! Every tuning project is a sum of many parts, witch form his final view and performance. And in quality project all these details at first look are hidden.

Many years black color was a color of expensive and fast cars. But last years we can see return of other colors. Many factories add blue into possible options. For example, BMW produces M5 and other models in beautiful blue. And such blue M5 looks even better than classic black or gray.