BMW M5 E39. Supercharge everything

20 years ago it was really fast car. Now it’s fast car, but not so fast as you are waiting from top model BMW. And what to do? Yes! Supercharge it!

Charger kit from RMS gives you all difference in power between this M5 E39 and brand new M5. But some differences are present. At first, S85B50 engine + charger = more reliable engine. At second, this E39 has options you really need, you don’t have in your car unnecessary options which may show you that it’s new and expensive car. And, at third, you still drive car with manual transmission!

Auto transmission with 2 clutches are faster and now it’s standard. But real car fans are sad for oldschool manual gearbox.

Even if you have money and want car with V8, RWD and manual gearbox… You almost don’t have what to choose. So, tune old cars is really good variant to back fun in our life

If you have enough money – you must buy such car. Else a few years and such M5 will cost much more. Because many people begin understand that they don’t receive such fan from new cars, as they waited. New cars are faster but not reliable. And they don’t fun you.