Stance BMW F10

Stance BMW F10

BMW 5-series always had a stylish but temperate design. That’s why even 20 or 30 years old cars still are not fully outdated. Yes, brand new BMW G30 looks more modern today, but we can’t say that F10 is rare. But now BMW F10 is a cool base for qualitative tuning project of your dream for price of Camry. Let’s watch how can we make such stance BMW F10 more detailed.

Stance BMW 535i F10

Most part of present tuning projects have 2 main things: wheels and fitment. As for wheels, BMW already for a long time makes its cars ready for a wide and large wheels. And that’s not a surprise because many these cars still are RWD and they need wide tires to realize their power. So, just select wheels by your taste. But without chrome and, if it’s possible, not black 🙂

For better look your car may be lowered. Stance culture gives you 2 solution for lowering of your BMW F10. You can use coilovers or short springs for static lowering. It would fit for lowering on 30-50mm. With such lowering car has better look, but you still can drive on most part of roads not thinking about lowering. Air suspension gives you a possibility to adjust fitment, but it’s much more expensive solution.

Stanced BMW 535i F10

But don’t think that airlift it’s just for cool look. While coilovers usually make driving more hard (it’s good for handling, but not for comfort), airlift makes ride more soft and comfortable. And it has some sense as well.

But wheels and fitment are not all possible tuning for any BMW, and of course for F10 as well. Sometimes you can made a styling more angry for small money. Small money if we would compare a price with forged wheels from Vossen and tires for them 🙂 Many BMW owners love total black styling. All you need is to have a black car, probably install black wheels of paint yours, tint windows, got headlights and taillights smoked (Hella Black) and remove chrome from nostrils and trim. You can paint it in black or just wrap by black vinyl film. The last can be even better.

Stance BMW 535i

Sometimes such black styling hides many elements, which are almost invisible already in 10-15 steps from the car.

This stanced BMW 535i F10 from Florida looks rude. And it’s a fast enough car. Even now it’s a good daily driver with some tuning.

Stanced BMW F10