Tuning BMW X5 G05

Tuning BMW X5 G05

BMW X5 is a legendary SUV already for a long time. So here is a brand new BMW X5 G05 with stylish exterior tuning. Nothing especial, but looks better than stock. Previous BMW X5 F15 was pretty, but new G-generation has more rapid design. Let’s watch what simple changes can make new G05 else better, even if this SUV is leased.

Tuning BMW X5 G05, front

First you can do is to replace boring stock wheels. You can take a car, replace wheels, drive on your wheels which you love, change wheels into stock and back car to dealership. After it you can use these wheels on your next car, if it would be same or close to it. Of you can simply sell them.

It’s a simple move, but it can seriously change exterior. Do you remember what has Henry Ford said about wheels? He was not a fool and knew about he was saying.

Tuning BMW G05, side

The second you can make with your leased BMW X5 is a styling. This X5 is white. And white cars always look great with tinted windows and blacked trim (nostrils, window trim). Tint is removable and dealership will not object to it. Trim can get blacked using other film, at this time vinyl. Wrapped trim looks not worse than painted and sometimes can serve even better than chrome on plastic. But vinyl film can be removed when it’s needed. Stock chrome will be under vinyl.

I even don’t know can I call all this trim wrap as a tuning of this BMW X5 G05, but all together with tint and wheels it works fine.

Tuning BMW X5 G05 xDrive40i