Tuning Cadillac Escalade. Is here any sense to modify?

Here is a brand new generation of Escalade. This is short base, as you see. If we will compare a brand new model with previous Cadillac Escalade you see a few serious changes. Let’s talk about rookie in meaning comparison with predecessor and possibility of tuning.

From first sight it seams that previous Escalade with many edges in it’s design had more serious and angry exterior. New Escalade become more soft and seams more kind, more friendly. But it’s only exterior. And it’s possible to live with it. The main thing is: it’s still an old Cadillac as we knew it for years ago, but made as SUV. It’s still huge and really comfortable vehicle. Even on large wheels.

In meaning of technologies it’s almost the same as previous generation is. The same engine, architecture. But now, unexpected, you can buy this luxury American SUV with diesel engine… Is it good or not – customers would vote by their money. Anyway, it’s good to have a choice. European customers buy luxury cars with diesel engines already for a long times. American customers have a possibility to try it one more time. For last time before total electrifying.

As for tuning, here situation is the same as with previous generation. It’s almost doesn’t any sense to tuning an engine. It fits to this SUV. But exterior tuning… Here are no limits. Wild wrapping, really huge rims, air suspension to lay this SUV on the ground, custom made interiors,… You can do everything by your taste. And you can see a lot of tuned Escalades at least in Los Angeles and Miami.

As for this Escalade, here are no significant changes. Just a few simple things to change feeling of exterior. White body looks awesome with black tint. Black wheels and blacked trim can look awesome too.