Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

Camaro is one of symbols of pure American lifestyle, freedom. And even dream.

Not all Camaro was beautiful. 70th and 80th were for American car industry no more thane shame. 90th were better but it`s strange to call American cars of this period as good and beautiful.


But Camaro you have known is back! From previous model he is again speedy and looks good! Present model can be with 4-cylenders 2.0T engine and pure lovers hate this… But new Camaro is fast even with new small turbo-engine. And look on him again! He is so aggressive…

If you live in mild climate you can own convertible Camaro without any problems.

What to do if you want to make your new Camaro more personal, but you don’t like stance and other tuning cultures? Wheels! Wheels it’s key to change your car’s style. Even not pretty car on good wheels become some style…

Vossen produces one of the best wheels at this moment. Many models and colors – that`s all you need!