Dodge Charger. Modern muscles

In the beginning Charger appeared as big and brutal coupe. But now Charger has reborn to sedan.

You can think it was wrong idea. From muscle coupe to car for families and police. But you can see this situation from other angle. It’s still Charger, but with additional 2 doors is more practical.

And Charger still can be fast and powerful because you still can buy V8. If you will sit into Dodge Charger Hellcat – a few seconds of driving and you never will that new Charger isn’t Charger and it’s simple family-sedan.

New Charger has only one strange thing – it’s a little… Mercedes. Yes! One of most fastest and funniest American car is based on old Mercedes E-Class. So turns are not so problem for Charger, Challenger and Chrysler 300C.