Dodge Viper. The beast

Viper isn’t typical car. Mighty V10, small weight. But Viper always was angry toy, not good driver’s car o racing car.

Viper isn’t cheap car. So it’s not mass market. Viper is out new safety standards mostly because he isn’t mass car. Modernization needs too much money, witch wouldn’t not be back. So in a few years later Viper will be really rare car. Not like Ferrari or Lambo.

Let`s talk truth. Viper is not good on race track. Some special versions are better. But they are still far from Porsche, Ferrari, even Nissan GTR. But if you need a toy for drag or burnouts – Viper is ideal! Powerful and loud.

Only look on this Viper… Low, wide, side exhaust and screaming red wheels Vossen. If you want to build project for soul in future – buy Viper as soon as possible. They will rise in price.