Ford Explorer ST

Hi there! As you know, Ford in North America killed all passenger cars, leaved only Mustang as most famous model. So, if you are thinking about new fast Ford – it will be Mustang or some SUV as this one Explorer ST. And let’s be honest – Explorer ST is fast enough SUV. All these superchargers give not only good fuel economy and ecology, small displacement and a lot of technical issues, but else it gives real power! And 400hp it’s serious power. Even for such heavy SUV as Explorer.

2020 Ford Explorer ST

3.0 liter Ecoboost is really a good and powerful engine. Most part of issues leaved on early Ecoboosts. Here are only normal, working technologies. And note for yourself – it seams that it’s last generation of traditional engines in traditional SUVs. Next generation of Explorer has all chances to be hybrid and electric.

I don’t say that electric cars are bad. No. But many manufacturers are trying to show that it’s future and that’s why EVs are… strange. Remember at least door handles on brand new electric Mustang. Yes, such decision has some explanation. But it’s not comfortable.

And it’s even about any talking about more long battery charging, still not enough chargers network, etc. People not from suburbia really have a problems with it. Especially if they choose EVs with small batteries. I’m talking about electric city cars like Fiat 500 and Nissan Leaf.

Fully black Ford Explorer ST

So, just remember that this Explorer is one of last chance to get a traditional SUV before will come the end of cars, as we know them. Just remember…

Let’s talk about design! Early generations were so “American” in design. But this Explorer will have a good look even in European traffic (if you have no problems with parking places) or somewhere else.

And brand new Ford Explorer has all needed to get cool body kits. It can make this SUV else more angry. I guess it will really look cool.

If somebody will produce wide body kit for Explorer – it may be really awesome. And owners will have a possibility to install more wide wheels to use power of 3-liter Ecoboost on all 100%.

By the way, turbo gives a lot of solutions how is possible to increase power for easy. Not always for cheap, but really easy. Chip tuning, cold intake and bigger intercooler already can seriously increase power. Modified exhaust can give else a little, but it already will not be cheap and you can have some problems with ecology.

Previously serious tuning kits had only Ford Mustang (for example Roush) and Focus ST or RS. But now I guess Roush can make some kits even for this 3-liter Ecoboost.