Honda Accord with Ducktail

In a few last years our tastes in cars has been changed. 50 years ago we bought classic sedans and wagons, 2 doors coupes. Europeans invented more practice (for Europe) hatchbacks. SUV become popular 20 years ago. After it we got crossovers, 4-doors coupes like Volkswagen CC or Mercedes CLS. And all these changes were made by… marketers! Desire to sell more makes them to found something else and urge people they need it.

Crossovers are not more practice than classic station wagon. But many people are thinking that some FWD RAV4 can get the same place as Jeep Wrangler. But you have this sure because some marketers made their job well. And nothing more..

Today engineers make all that marketers are saying them. Because sells must go up. That’s why modern Honda Accord (as on these images) looks more aggressive than Dodge Viper almost 30 years ago. But Viper it’s big V10! FWD Honda can have small 2.4 liters engine in 4 cylinders or very huge V6 with 3.5 liters. But Accord looks more angry.

And ducktail makes almost every car to look else more fast. But almost always it is… smoke without any fire… But looks really good. Americans forgot what cars they had before.