Jeep Wrangler, that was in trend before SUV become a mainstream

Jeep remembers a times when Wrangler and CJ5 were a tools to get any place off roads. It were simple and spartan cars because their main aim didn`t needed expensive leather or mighty multimedia system with GPS.

World had changed and changing was only one way for Wrangler. Change to keep alive. Wrangler become a practice 5-doors SUV with leather and GPS. And most part of owners never go off asphalt. But if some RAV4 or Sportage can`t get any place. Wrangler can! Really can!

Now almost every tuner`s main aim is to make car lower. But many people are doing the opposite! They lift cars, install expensive wheels with all terrain tires. Not all are waiting weekend to put their lifted Wrangler to the mud. But car is always ready for it.

By the way, this black Jeep Wrangler is on wheels from Vossen. Yes! They are producing rims not only for expensive and fast cars.