• Stance Kia K5 2021

    Stance Kia K5 2021

    Brand new Kia K5 has an interesting design, and there are not so many modified K5 on the roads, but here we see a stance ex-Optima. So, let’s watch more detailed this dropped sedan. A little history for beginning. K5 is not new model. Earlier Optima had such name on some markets. But now guys from Kia decided use this name on all markets. They think that such restart would help to lose Optima’s reputation of boring and cheap car. This dropped Kia K5 has a lowered suspension. With such fitment car looks already better but it’s still practice vehicle. Boring stock wheels were changed into pretty gloss black from…

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    Tuning Kia Stinger. Is this already BMW?

    Imagine, passenger car with interesting design, fast enough, with interior made from qualitative materials, with powerful and modern engine, and don’t forget about amazing handling. What car do you think of when you hear this description? 100% not about Kia. BMW, maybe Mercedes or Audi. But not Kia. And do not cling to words about quality of materials inside. BMW 3 is really far from 7 series too, in meaning of materials. Leather, wood, fabric. Kia Stinger is made really better than other cars of this brand. It’s still not the same as in German cars, but much closer than before. Actually, it’s a miracle that Kia Stinger appeared. Kia…