Tuning Kia Stinger. Is this already BMW?

Imagine, passenger car with interesting design, fast enough, with interior made from qualitative materials, with powerful and modern engine, and don’t forget about amazing handling. What car do you think of when you hear this description? 100% not about Kia. BMW, maybe Mercedes or Audi. But not Kia.

And do not cling to words about quality of materials inside. BMW 3 is really far from 7 series too, in meaning of materials. Leather, wood, fabric. Kia Stinger is made really better than other cars of this brand. It’s still not the same as in German cars, but much closer than before.

Actually, it’s a miracle that Kia Stinger appeared. Kia has never built a car like this, a rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive mid-size liftback with a powerful enough engine. Stinger is the first attempt to make a car for drivers, enthusiasts.

Kia knew their reputation, knew that Stinger will not have a sales like BMW, even being cheaper. They knew the Stinger was a huge step up from previous models, but price is still the main advantage, not speed. There are a lot of risks. Manufacturers do not do such risky projects now, but Kia did it. Ant it’s amazing.

When Kia Stinger only appeared all car journalists said a lot of kind words about this car. But, as we see now, all this did not help to make serious sales.

Stinger is really good car. Fast enough, cheaper than Germans and has a practice body type. Liftback is more practice than classic sedan. Large rear lid allows you to use the trunk to carry a larger load. But at this moment Kia Stinger has all chances to become a rare car. Because many people like Stinger, but don’t buy.

But such situation makes Kia Stinger a good base for unique tuning projects. Yes, tuning parts for Stinger are almost absent, so you will need a universal parts, a lot of custom parts and customizing. But you can get really cool project. And the main – unique.

Here we see on the pictures Kia Stinger with widebody kit, bagged lowered suspension, cool forged wheels and else a lot of cool modifications.