Tuning Range Rover – king of luxury SUV

The Range Rover was the first luxury SUV and I think it’s still the most famous SUV to this day. Yes, it’s difficult to say that first generation was luxury, but just remember how looked Mercedes from 1970th and how looked some Jeep or Land Rover. Bur now Range Rover is a successful SUV with a lot of possible variants how to customize it from factory or – tuning will always help you.

People who already owned Range Rover usually buy this SUV again and we can understand them. Almost nobody drives his Range Rover outside asphalt, but it still can everywhere you want. This is not some BMW X5 or Mercedes GLE, that drive cool on asphalt but can almost nothing outside it. Yes, you can say that Mercedes has G-Class. This is a luxury SUV too, but nobody can say that it’s universal vehicle on all terrains. From beginning and till the present generation G-Class drove on asphalt as a dray.

Tuning Range Rover

But let’s back to Range Rover. This is a really good vehicle even in stock and worth every dollar. But somebody wants to make his Range Rover more unique.

When we talk about tuning of Range Rover usually we think about sportsmen, actors, singers, bloggers and other celebrities from sunny California.

Tuning Range Rover side

Present tuning, including cars from California, usually has a simple receipt. Larger forged wheels and often bottom body wrapping. Range Rover has black roof and pillars. It looks not unique, but interesting.

Tuning Range Rover back

Here we see Range Rover of previous generation with wrapped body, with black roof and trim. Black wheels, grills, roof, mirrors, side trim. Blacked windows and headlights.

Sounds simple, but eventually looks really great. Yellow color is not usual for expensive SUV, that’s why such styling attracts a lot of attention.

Tuning Range Rover rear