Lexus LX 570. Angry and luxury full-size SUV

Guys from Lexus maybe are producing not best-best cars in the world, but they always discover market and know what customers want. Huge SUV? Not problem, we will make our Land Cruiser more luxury. Really angry design? Not problem too, we will ask our designers to project such front end.

And such method we see everywhere in LX. No, it doesn’t means that LX is bad or not so good car. Simply if you are not average customer, who looks on this SUV only as on vehicle to move from point A to B, you can’t loose feeling that it’s only product of marketing. Lexus gives to their customers only what they like.

But car with design and features what we like and well-projected car – it’s not the same. Maybe in some moments it’s close, but not the same.

Lexus knows what people want so well, so it’s hard to understand where we can make LX better. In exterior 100%. But no! Other wheels can change car look.

“Make better” here we talk about average vehicle using.