VIP Lexus LS 430

VIP Lexus LS 430

Tuning in VIP-style is popular in Japan and in else some regions. But for Estonia, from where is this one car, it’s so unusual as in United States. So, let me a little tell you about this tuning culture.

Lexus LS430 Bippu

Else this style is known as Bippu. And to build a car in this style is needed not so much. And it can cost not so much too. Old luxury cars can loose up to 90% of their price per less than 10 years. If buy used wheels it can save else some money. It would be great if you will buy new parts for suspension. Let’s talk about building more wide.

At first a car – it may be Japanese limousine, if black – it’s even better because all serious limousines are black. This Lexus is Japanese, but not black. Not black, but looks great!

At second, we need huge and wide wheels. Or at least bigger than in stock. And if they are chrome – it’s pure luxury!

Lexus LS 430 on airlift

At third, we need fitment. Suspension may be lowered and many of such cars have hellaflush. In this case handling will be far from stock (i mean worse), but in the same moment such fitment will look unusual, cool and comic. Japanese tuning culture is strange for all the world and sometimes it’s difficult to understand why people love it. But it is so.

Lexus LS 430 wide body

Sometimes wheels are so big and wide that wide fenders are needed. To cover these wide wheels. Plastic fenders with rivets are 100000% not luxury. Wide body kit it’s more for sport or supercars. So wide fenders may be almost as a stock. Painted in body color and without any rivets.

Lowered Lexus LS430

Else some time may be spent inside this limo. Usually these tuning project based on pre-owned cars, so interior can need some repair or restore. And can be a little modified too.