Lincoln Aviator. Pure American luxury is back.

Else 10 years ago in Lincoln was luxury only his name. Everything in that car was ugly face lifting of basic Ford models. And in 2000ths Lincoln had strange and awful style. They tried to use their history in marketing, but their marketers made everything wrong.

In 2010ths situation began change, Lincolns had much more differences from their Ford brothers. But only last few years we see real renaissance. When you look on this one Lincoln Aviator – you can only only assume who is a brother in modern Ford fleet. You can assume only knowing modern Ford models and by size.

Lincoln Aviator

Aviator, Navigator, Continental. Lincolns again have a normal names. And all these models are really good. America got again awn second luxury car manufacturer. Lincoln isn’t so luxury like Mercedes, BMW, or Audi. But this Aviator is close to Lexus or Infinity. And in some moments even better. Interior in Lincoln looks mode luxury as in some Lexus and I’m proud of they did it so. I guess they found own style in design and luxury again.

Aviator has a cheaper brother – brand new Ford Explorer. And I may to say – 2020 Explorer is from beginning a good car. And it’s fast in his top version. But Explorer is not luxury in real. Practice – yes. But not luxury. So, it was a great base for new Lincoln model.

Now Lincoln still is not mass SUV on our roads. So attention to you is guaranteed. Else some time people can ask you about your Aviator.

If you are thinking about mid-size luxury SUV – you may put Lincoln Aviator in your shortlist. And you may at least go to your local dealer and watch closer.