Mercedes W211 for drift

Luxury drift car based on Mercedes W211

When we hear about drift car we immediately think about something old and Japanese, BMW or American muscle cars like Mustang or Camaro. But Mercedes… Mercedes and drift it’s oxymoron. Without any jokes it’s so.

Annoying and expensive brake system already many years ago died on this Mercedes so all system could be made normally, without stupid electronics.

And Mercedeses have else a lot unneeded thinks. It’s traction control is a legend for a long time. A lot of driver’s ambitions died due to traction control that can’t be fully turned off.

Stock suspension is not best choice for drift because together with traction control it’s mighty power that will do everything you to go further without any drift.

Mercedes W211 prepared for drift

All these features of Mercedes makes else a lot other problems. About what do i say? At first it’s parts. Building of a car for drift needs some specific parts. You can buy such parts for BMW, but not for Mercedes. BMW are much more popular in tuning. That’s why you may be a real God of drift like Keichi Tsuchia or you will produce these parts yourself. At first I’m saying about suspension.

As you see on previous photo, all parts used on a car’s front end are stock or universal, like these black fenders. Maybe splitter is a hand made part, but it’s easy to do part. And it’s so everywhere.

Mercedes W211 for drift

Lowered suspension – coilovers. Good and expensive coilovers have all needed settings, it’s especially needed in drift.

Transmission was swapped into manual. And I will not be surprised if it’s Getrag from some BMW 🙂 These transmissions are really good.

Body can be painted even from balloon or wrapped by vinyl. Body looks maximum stock and it seams that nothing was cut off to get weight lower.

It looks that in such setup this Mercedes is more for fun on weekend than for some drift competitions.

And actually… This Mercedes can be used even everyday to get work and home. Because, as it was said before, this Mercedes is almost stock.

Interior in Mercedes W211 for drift
Interior in Mercedes W211 for drift

Media system with LCD screen, all interior – you are waiting to see inside drift car a little other interior 🙂 Not so luxury…