Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Traditions of offroading

Now there are only 3 cars in the world that have own tradition and are ready to go everywhere. And Off roads too. And all these cars are expansive.. And almost nobody drives these cars off roads. It’s Land Rover Discovery, Range Rover and Mercedes G-Class. But only Mercedes was almost unchanged for along last 40 years.

40 years.. It’s way from military car for army to expansive SUV that almost never drives off asphalt.

Offroad tires on these cars it’s tradition. Car with bi-turbo V8 needs wide road tires for asphalt.

Now, in times of plastic cars, traditions are important. And people are ready to pay for it. Actually.. Even stock G-Class is restomod.

G-Class body looks as car from 70th-80th but is modern inside and has a good marks on crash tests. Modern and powerful V8 with bi-turbo, good brakes, modern interior. And G-Class still is military car for offroad.