Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG. Sign

About what do you think looking on Mercedes S-Class? Big, expansive, imported european, V12, luxury,.. Right? All these words are truth. But that’s not all.

I think S-Class is a sign car. Every S-Class is faster than time. Maybe Mercedes invented not all, but he first who used many devices in car. And only after it all these devices appeared on other cars. Air bags, ABS, active cruise control, etc.

S-Class is premium class car, so he doesn’t looks as space ship, like modern Honda Civic. S-Class is modern, but elegant. Like an expansive suit. And his main advantages are inside.

Looking on every new S-Class you understand what new options will appear in some Honda Accord or Toyota Camry in 5-7 years. Or even faster.

This S65 is so good, so it’s hard to tune him and don’t do a mistake. So new wheels it’s ideal tuning for S-Class.