Mercedes GL AMG. Do you need powerful SUV which is almost fast, but only on straight?

Everybody knows AMG. But now it’s no more than marketing to sell more expensive versions. Yes, AMG are fast. But what can you wait from huge and heavy SUV? Even if it’s AMG. Let’s find out!

Mecedes GL 63 AMG. A little later SUV will get redesigned headlights, tail lights, interior and else some elements. And will change name to GLS.

We all know that fast car it’s not only power. More light weight car with the same power is always faster and has better handling in turns. And car with less weight and 300hp can be fast like more heavy car with 500hp. Ore even faster. At least in turns. Simple physics.

And physics says us that such car can’t be enough fast, like some Mercedes C-Class or E-Class with the same engine. In case with such SUV we can say only that this Mercedes GL AMG (or GLS as this car is called now) is fast only between such fullsize SUV, as he is.

If you like huge SUV with many space and want one of fastest between them – GL/GLS 63 AMG is not so bad choice. But if you want really fast car – shield AMG will lie to your eyes. Because for the same money you can buy less car, but still practise and really more fast, with better handling.

What will you choose?