Volkswagen Golf Mk1. Hot hatch for hot track days

Golf is untypical for USA car. Or Rabbit, as this car is named here. Untypical, but Golf is loved in all the world. In 70th it was small and economic car with good european drive. Now such cars make us to fall in nostalgia. If we will compare this Mk1 with brand new Mk8 – new Golf is huge! New Golf is bigger than first Passat 🙂

Golf Mk1 is’t fast if we will again to compare it with new Mk8. New basic Golf is faster than top VW Golf GTI Mk1. But when you drive this granddad – you feel car more faster.

And look on this Golf from 70th in style JSP racing cars F1 from 70th. Nothing especial, but this oldschool style looks really awesome! These gold wheels, gold stickers on body and wide body kit.

My favourite detail on this car is front bumper. Even bumper with splitter is like from F1 of 70th! I see these photos and think… Maybe i need such car too? Stylish car for fun not always is expensive!