• Honda NSX. New and waited.

    by yura

    Old NSX was awesome. So new NSX was waited and many people afraid that new car will not be so awesome as old. But everything is OK! Brand new NSX is fast and good in driving. In USA this car is selling as Acura NSX, but in all the world it’s Honda. Fast, progressive, expensive, but Honda. In any case it doesn’t matter because Honda has a tradition of building a fast cars. So Manufacturer’s name here really doesn’t matter. Here we see a black coupe with light black tint on windows and on huge gold wheels. Together it looks …

  • Honda Accord with Ducktail

    by yura

    In a few last years our tastes in cars has been changed. 50 years ago we bought classic sedans and wagons, 2-door coupes. Europeans invented more practice (for Europe) hatchbacks. SUV become popular 20 years ago. After it we got crossovers, 4-doors coupes like Volkswagen CC or Mercedes CLS. And all these changes were made by… marketers! Desire to sell more makes them to found something else and urge people they need it. But what about affordable sedans like Honda Accord, which you can modify not for all money of the world, install a cool and unusual ducktail? Crossovers are …