• Tuning BMW X7

    Tuning BMW X7

    All we know that BMW X7 is a luxury full-size German SUV. But what BMW X7 can offer and what about tuning? What do you think about such BMW X7 with rude widebody kit? As on my taste looks just awesome! But else such wide body kit makes this BMW X7 really unique. And yes, it’s a pity, but at this moment this BMW X7 is just render. Let’s watch this BMW X7 and its features and possible tuning a little more detailed The BMW X7 stands tall as a flagship SUV, encapsulating the essence of opulence, cutting-edge technology, and superior engineering within its luxurious frame. As BMW’s largest Sports…

  • Tuning BMW X5 G05

    Tuning BMW X5 G05

    BMW X5 is a legendary SUV already for a long time. So here is a brand new BMW X5 G05 with stylish exterior tuning. Nothing especial, but looks better than stock. Previous BMW X5 F15 was pretty, but new G-generation has more rapid design. Let’s watch what simple changes can make new G05 else better, even if this SUV is leased. First you can do is to replace boring stock wheels. You can take a car, replace wheels, drive on your wheels which you love, change wheels into stock and back car to dealership. After it you can use these wheels on your next car, if it would be same…

  • Stance BMW F10

    Stance BMW F10

    BMW 5-series always had a stylish but temperate design. That’s why even 20 or 30 years old cars still are not fully outdated. Yes, brand new BMW G30 looks more modern today, but we can’t say that F10 is rare. But now BMW F10 is a cool base for qualitative tuning project of your dream for price of Camry. Let’s watch how can we make such stance BMW F10 more detailed. Most part of present tuning projects have 2 main things: wheels and fitment. As for wheels, BMW already for a long time makes its cars ready for a wide and large wheels. And that’s not a surprise because many…

  • BMW

    Tuning BMW X5M F85

    BMW X5 is one of most cool and popular SUV in North America. And in all the world as well. So, it’s not a surprise that they are popular on tuning scene. Here is the BMW X5M in F85 body with some tuning. All tuning mostly is located on exterior. This X5 has both main elements needed to be a modified: wheels and fitment. Forged wheels with thick spokes are looking great, much better than factory rims. Suspension lowering almost always makes better look. And this SUV is not an exclusion. This BMW X5M has a difficult suspension with air lift from factory, but this vehicle needs some serious modifications…

  • BMW

    BMW X4 M Competition. Compact but fast

    Americans love everything huge, but now not everybody wants a huge SUV. So if you love SUV, but don’t need a big one – you can find more compact model. And in present generation BMW added else M-version for X4, and even Competition available too. Basic (or simple, if you want) BMW X4 and BMW X4 M have enough differences to have even different body names – G02 and F98. And changes are not only in other bumpers and more wide fenders – all body on M-models may be else more hard. By the way, in amount almost the same SUVs are looking different. More wide M-model looks more angry,…