• Stance Mercedes-Benz W221

    Stance Mercedes-Benz W221

    What about stanced limousine? Here we have stance Mercedes-Benz S350d W221 with cool wheels from AMG and fitment. Basically it’s a usual stance project, but here are installed not some forged aftermarket or custom made. Here we have wheels from AMG. Mercedes fan boys love such wheels. Here is a modified air suspension. Mercedes W221 has air bags from factory, but stock suspension doesn’t allow to get so low as we see here. But let’s be honest, all these suspension modifications are worth it because lowered Mercedes W221 looks just awesome. Here job is done. Here air ride allows this stance Mercedes-Benz W221 almost to lay on the ground. Lowering…

  • Mercedes-Benz

    Stance Mercedes-Benz W213

    Mercedes-Benz, as all European manufacturers, makes a cars with stylish but balanced design. And this Mercedes W213 is not exclusion. This white sedan looks amazing even in stock, but this Mercedes W213 is slammed by airlift. This Mercedes-Benz E350 W213 was built in less than 10 years after previous Mercedes W212. But they did it again in their German style. New E-Class has more fresh design, according to its epoch, but it’s still one of gold standard in its class. As for this vehicle – it’s stance Mercedes-Benz W213 after facelift. And from such aspect this slammed sedan looks like an old Jaguar. At least its rear end on a…

  • Mercedes-Benz

    Stance Mercedes-Benz W212

    Talking about stance, we may remember that full-size sedans always are looking cool with a right wheels and fitment. Especially if it is some European sedan, with design actual in all the world. Just like this stanced Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG W212. Black German sedan with stylish wheels and pretty fitment – what do you need else? It’s really cool. It was so when this body just revealed and it still looks great now, in 2023. This stanced Mercedes W212 was built in Switzerland. I mean this tuning project. Not all vehicle. Owner wasted a lot of money. But car looks amazing, honestly. And the only one thing looks unfinished. In…

  • Stance Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG W211

    Stance Mercedes W211. By the way, it’s AMG.

    Even if you buy a really expensive, luxury, powerful and fast car, were is a warranty that you would just drive it? And you wouldn’t modify already great car. Actually, no warranty 🙂 Because even having one of best sedan – you always can try to make it else better. Or at least more customized for your targets and to your taste. And this stanced Mercedes W211 here is not an exclusion. Today is popular simple enough tuning. So you don’t need many custom things, custom painting, screens everywhere (like in “Pimp my ride”) to look as a cool guy. Today you may show all other car enthusiasts your taste…