• Lexus

    Tuning Lexus IS. Not bad, but never best.

    By the way, here is a newest generation 2021 Lexus IS. And it’s one of laziest updates because new generation looks like else one facelift of previous. But no, Toyota says that it’s a new car. Lexus IS always was an interesting car, but already almost 10 years it’s simply compact RWD sedan with average engines. And IS can’t offer to it’s customers something else beside reliability of Toyota. If you have a specific taste – you will get a design by your taste. And that’s really all, folks. Leather interior – what is cool in it. All manufacturers offer leather now. Multimedia? Multimedia from Toyota is awful. You can…

  • VIP Lexus LS 430

    VIP Lexus LS 430

    Tuning in VIP-style is popular in Japan and in else some regions. But for Estonia, from where is this one car, it’s so unusual as in United States. So, let me a little tell you about this tuning culture. Else this style is known as Bippu. And to build a car in this style is needed not so much. And it can cost not so much too. Old luxury cars can loose up to 90% of their price per less than 10 years. If buy used wheels it can save else some money. It would be great if you will buy new parts for suspension. Let’s talk about building more…

  • Lexus

    Lexus LX 570. Angry and luxury full-size SUV

    Guys from Lexus maybe are producing not best-best cars in the world, but they always discover market and know what customers want. Huge SUV? Not problem, we will make our Land Cruiser more luxury. Really angry design? Not problem too, we will ask our designers to project such front end. And such method we see everywhere in LX. No, it doesn’t means that LX is bad or not so good car. Simply if you are not average customer, who looks on this SUV only as on vehicle to move from point A to B, you can’t loose feeling that it’s only product of marketing. Lexus gives to their customers only…

  • Lexus

    Lexus NX. Japanese space ship

    Japaneses are good businessmen. And they have a good feeling of market. That’s why Lexuses are more product of marketing. Technically it’s simple Toyota 🙁 No exclusive solutions. Beside design. But if you will not think about technic.. NX is pretty car. Especially if he is painted in white pearl. Wheels made by Vossen are looking good on modern cars. And on this Lexus too. To be fast car doesn’t may have a big engine. Small 2-liter turbo-engine can be powerful as 3-liter V6.