• Tuning Audi RS3

    Tuning Audi RS3. A half of Lambo

    Everybody knows about hot hatches and their phenomen. But I guess it would be a mistake to write down Audi RS3 in this list. Because it’s absolutelly different class in all meanings. Volkswagen Golf is the hot hatch. But RS3, A45 AMG and else a few models are a supercars which still are looking as hatchbacks. We will call them super hatchbacks. So, let’s watch what is Audi RS3 and its tuning in real life. Even in this short list of super hatchbacks Audi RS3 is unique and the only one such. All because here is installed 5-cylinder engine. It’s not usual solution now. Audi has a few models with…

  • Audi RS6 Avant C8

    Audi RS6 Avant. At this time even North America got this wagon.

    For auto enthusiasts of North America (but, simple American customers too) is usual situation to not get really cool versions of European cars. And Audi here is a notable example. We got all generations of sedan Audi A6. But not top and fastest models, especially wagons (Audi call them Avant). S, RS. No! It’s only for Europeans because wagons in Europe still are very popular. SUV become more popular in Europe too, but wagons still have a huge piece of market. We had only 2 fast American wagons for last 20 years – Dodge Magnum and Cadillac CTS-V Wagon. Plus Mercedes E63 AMG Wagon. In the same moment European customers…

  • Audi

    Audi E-Tron. Plus one player on electric SUV field

    Now all we are saying “electric car” and mean Tesla. But last year we got else a few not bad electric cars and SUV. No one is better than Tesla. Not all they are like Tesla, but they are close to it. And today we will talk about Audi E-Tron. Most famous between new EVs is Porsche Taycan, but it’s expensive car. Much more people will buy Jaguar i-Pace and Audi E-Tron, like this one. They are not so cheap like Fiat 500 or Nissan Leaf, but Audi and Jag are more luxury and have more powerful engines and battery. Before it most part hybrids was simple cars with battery…

  • Audi

    Audi SQ7. German view into big SUV

    Af first, I may to say – it is not simple Q7. This is Audi SQ7 which else was modified by ABT. If you don`t know – it`s like Brabus for Mercedes. But for Audi. ABT is more cool than AMG. ABT can offer much more than custom order. And these guys know what are they doing. Yes, this German SUV is else faster. But ABT it`s not all. Else a huge and cool forged wheels from Vossen. And this really big and weight car looks really more sport. But Audi SQ7, ABT and Vossen – even that`s still not all! Every tuning project is a sum of many parts,…

  • Audi

    Tuning Audi A5 Cabrio

    Audi A5 Coupe or Cabrio is a beautiful car even without any tuning. So all that you can is only to amplify car’s beauty. Lowering by air almost always helps in this. A5 Convertible isn’t fresh model, but it’s design is still modern. But! If you are advanced car’s fan – you can watch in these lines some traditions, that was born on first Audi Cabrio more than 20 years ago. What is important for every Convertible tuning project, including this one Audi A5 Cabrio? Off course it’s an interior. Interior may be pretty and clean. Not all people love leather, but in convertibles it’s really more practice. But it’s…