• Rolls Royce Truck

    by yura

    Do you recall the era when arriving in a Rolls Royce guaranteed all eyes on you? While that might still hold true for some, an increasing number of enthusiasts are driven by a profound desire to personalize these luxurious vehicles to suit their unique tastes. So, while we recently discussed a late 1970s Silver Shadow that underwent a Hellcat swap, the Rolls Royce project we’re diving into today is based on its predecessor, the Silver Cloud from the 1960s—and this one leans more towards ranch utility than showpiece. Even if it’s not first truck with a cabin from Rolls Royce, …

  • Rolls Royce Cullinan by Mansory

    by yura

    With an estimated net worth of approximately $170 million, Tiesto stands out as one of the wealthiest DJs globally. Nevertheless, the unexpected revelation of the “godfather of EDM” splurging nearly $1,000,000 on a freshly customized by Mansory Rolls-Royce Cullinan has raised eyebrows. Already deemed one of the priciest SUVs on the market with a base price of $391,750 for the 2024 Rolls-Royce Cullinan, enthusiasts seeking exclusivity turn to Mansory for customization. Renowned for its luxury vehicle enhancements, the German brand now boasts DJ Tiesto among its high-profile clientele. Mansory recently showcased a striking all-black Cullinan, a visually appealing SUV that …

  • Tuning GAZ 24 Volga. USSR of 70s

    by yura

    Every American knows all American cars of 60th-70th, all these muscle-cars and stupid cars of period of energy crisis. Many Americans also knows some European cars of that period – BMW, Mercedes, Porsche,… But what about cars made USSR? Everybody knew and many people remember about “evil empire” and cold war. But almost nobody knows anything about life in USSR because it was a closed country, like North Korea now. We can talk about life in USSR for a long time, but let’s talk about their cars. Let`s meet! This is GAZ 24 Volga. This car produced 20 years in …