Tuning Mazda RX-7. The car that will never be again

Everybody heard at least anything about Mazda RX-7 with it’s cool rotor engine. Lucky guys else heard its unique voice. And not so many among us drove these original cars. So, Let’s talk about Mazda RX7! And let’s talk a little bit about Mazda RX-7 tuning.

Car on pictures is truth JDM that was imported to Australia. Or from beginning sold there. And it doesn’t matter. This blue coupe has some modifications that make it’s exterior more unique. And in the same moment such tuning doesn’t make worse, it’s important.

Tuning Mazda RX-7 FD

As for this RX-7, blue body looks great with wheels finished in bronze. Close to classic Subaru styling, but not. Splitters, modified bumpers make an exterior more interesting. And in the same moment, no doubt, it’s RX-7. These mods doesn’t change exterior seriously, like famous body kit from Veil Side.

Lowered suspension with needed adjustments can make car lower and handling better. But here we don’t talk about radical lowering. The balance of better look and handling needs only a little lowering. And a lot of a time to find coilover’s adjustments by own taste and targets.

All these mods that make car more fast, powerful and sometimes else more reliable are good. But the main value here is a car. So, serious tuning can make only worse.

25 years ago, when Mazda produced such RX-7, it was a weird, but the only one car. But now population of these cars get lower. Many of them got swaps to LS or other engines. Else some of RX-7 were damaged by wild tuning of 1990ths and 2000ths.

Mazda replaced this RX-7 by RX-8, that doesn’t become an icon, as RX-7. Anyway now we can say that rotor engines almost died. There are not so many people who can repair them, who is ready to pay for repair. Else a few years ago were news that Mazda wants to back their rotor engine, but… More hard emissions rules and total electrification killed rotor engines and their possible back. We will never see a brand new car with rotor engine.

Our future is electric and soon we will forget about this original car with it’s cool Wankel’s rotor engine.