Stance Mercedes-Benz W221

Stance Mercedes-Benz W221

What about stanced limousine? Here we have stance Mercedes-Benz S350d W221 with cool wheels from AMG and fitment. Basically it’s a usual stance project, but here are installed not some forged aftermarket or custom made. Here we have wheels from AMG. Mercedes fan boys love such wheels.

Stance Mercedes W221, wheel

Here is a modified air suspension. Mercedes W221 has air bags from factory, but stock suspension doesn’t allow to get so low as we see here. But let’s be honest, all these suspension modifications are worth it because lowered Mercedes W221 looks just awesome. Here job is done.

Here air ride allows this stance Mercedes-Benz W221 almost to lay on the ground. Lowering can be significant here.

Stance Mercedes-Benz S350s W221, side

Basically there are not so many changes are here. Owner took a diesel S-Class, usual for Europe S350d, modified air suspension, installed AMG wheels and that’s all. Even windows are not tinted. But tint could look amazing in a silver car. But that’s all.

If you want to buy a car and build a really comfortable daily driver – old S-Class would fit you. Just find a car in a good condition without significant technical issues. Because it’s Mercedes and it’s S-Class, any repair can be not so cheap. If you have found such car – only wheels and fitment separate you from stanced Mercedes W221 of your dream.

Stance Mercedes-Benz W221, rear

Stance Mercedes W212 from the same years looks amazing as well, but this W221 is larger and looks else more cool.