Restomod Ford F100 V8

Restomod Ford F100

It’s amazing how tiny trucks were else 50-70 years ago. Today a usual truck is something like Ford F150 or Chevrolet Silverado. But many people don’t need such huge vehicles. That’s why compact trucks are present on the market as well. You can buy one of them. Some Ford Maverick or Toyota Tacoma. Or you can buy an old Ford F100 (it would be awesome if with V8), rehab it and build restomod, like this one truck.

Restomod Ford F100, front end

Just look at this Ford F100. It looks just amazing! And if you are not 20 years old, probably you can have a memories with one of such truck, whit it seams always was in your family.

Basically, all you really need to have in a truck today are A/C and auto transmission. All other would be great, but not necessary. But if your engine would be more powerful than stock one – it would be cool as well.

Restomod Ford F100, side

Let’s watch this restomod Ford F100 more detailed. At first, this F100 was restored. Everything was replaced, repaired, repainted. And of course here were added more modern and reliable technologies. More fresh engine or repaired by modern parts original engine would be more reliable and I guess more powerful. Air suspension instead stock suspension would be better as well. Air ride is at least more comfortable. But else air suspension allows this Ford F100 to adjust fitment. And I may to say that Ford F100 with stance looks really awesome.

But you will feel maximum difference not in engine, but in brakes. Present brakes are seriously effective and reliable than original. There is a chasm between these brakes.

Restomod Ford F100, engine bay

As for styling, this restomod Ford F100 performed in 2 colors. Body is dark green. Awesome new wheels, grill, engine, radiator and else some things are bronze. Unusual pair of colors, but who we are to judge owner and his taste.

Restored Ford F100, rear and box

Yes, this restomod Ford F100 has no off-road possibilities as some modern lifted Chevrolet Silverado. But don’t forget that not all people need it. But this old Ford F100 looks much better than Silverado, on my own opinion.