Tuning Chevrolet Camaro. Cool coupe but why people don’t buy it?

No doubt, Chevy Camaro is a pure American legend. Like it’s opposites Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger. These 3 models is all we have from all legacy of American muscle cars. And Chevrolet Camaro has a worse position between these 3 models, even having an interesting tuning solutions. Let’s try to understand why is it so…

Tuning Chevrolet Camaro, front

All present American muscle cars are different. They are different in many senses. Chevy Camaro is a tiny coupe which can have a serious power in engine bay. And in the moment this is most impractical car from all 3. Ford Mustang is a middle in many senses. Middle size, practice rear seats and trunk. On my own opinion, Mustang has the best interior between these 3 models. Dodge Challenger is the largest model and most powerful (Hellcat). It’s almost 2-door version of Charger. It’s a huge coupe, which could be with one of most powerful engines in the world. But in the same moment with cheapest interior from all 3. Challenger’s dashboard is a strange mix of designs from Korean cars (like Kia Optima) and classic American from 1960-1970ths. But here is no problems with exterior.

Tuning Chevrolet Camaro, side

We can understand how well car is by it’s sales. But Chevrolet Camaro has worth sales between these 3 muscle cars. And it’s difficult to understand why. Let’s at least try to understand it.

Basic Camaro is an ordinary car for students. Powerful enough, cool looking, and students don’t care narrow rear sits. But that’s a cool that they have a wide choice of tuning parts for Chevrolet Camaro. For young people it can be important. But don’t forget that else Camaro has a platform with great handling. So, with larger engine it’s a great and fun car for enthusiasts. But something is wrong. What if Mustang and Challenger are just better?

Every Challenger’s owner feels cool due to this model can be equipped by Hellcat. And everyone dreams his Challenger to look like Hellcat. Challenger and Charger will be replaced into first electric muscle cars.

Mustang is almost 60 years of traditions. And it’s the last passenger Ford in America. But even such legend already has a modern shape: electric SUV. And it’s not a surprise that Mustang Mach-E has better sales than traditional coupe.

Tuning Chevrolet Camaro, rear

What if people just don’t need many coupes? And it’s a pity because just watch on this car! It’s really cool compact coupe. Replace wheels, exhaust (if it’s V8 model), maybe make it lower and you have really coll coupe.