Dodge Charger. Dart Vader

When you are watching on this Charger, all you see is anger, red anger. And owner got such effect using simple LED. He could drive on stock wheels and nobody will notice it.

But not! Rims are not stock and suspension is modified to make better fitment. Lowered cars with bigger rims always are looking more cool. And car gets better handling on asphalt.

Buy the way, bagged suspension makes a car even more practice. Why? Because car can not only get lower. When it’s needed car can get higher or back to stock height. And air suspension gives else one advantage – suspension becomes more soft. If you replaced your R18 wheels into R21 – we can’t talk about more comfort ride. But even on such rims you can drive a little more comfortable. If it’s important for you.

I always say that you don’t need much money to make your car more unique and make car to look better. Only wheels and fitment is all you need. If you will go further – you can customize your car by your own taste. But it’s important to stop in a right moment.

Bumpers and spoilers give much less effect. So think at least twice before beginning. Sometimes it can save some money.

Anyway, even such popular and not expensive car as Dodge Charger has all chances to be modified and become else more cool outside. If you don’t choose basic model with 3.6-liter Pentastar – you don’t have a problem with power. Owner could go further but he made all needed and stopped. I guess it’s a right way how to tune such cars. And this black sedan looks better than Dodge Charger from Germany we have poster earlier.