BMW X5 – standard for sport SUV

Every industry sometimes changes. And 20 years ago BMW understood beginning of era SUV. So they decided to make own SUV, but with a piece of sport. It would be SUV witch drives as simple sedan. And we have got X5.

BMW X5 is not first SUV. But it is still a gold standard between sport SUV. X5 become else bigger, else powerful and gives to his driver else more pleasure from driving.

Big, on big wheels, with tinted windows, with V8-sound, with luxury interior,… People will understand you sitting in X5 with $500 000 in bank, and with $10 000 000. Because everybody knows that X5 is really good.

And X5 is a popular car for tuning. So you have many parts to tune or customize exterior, interior, engine and transmission, suspension.